Maintaining your health records data is a very important part of your well being your valuable medical information should be kept in a quickly accessible place specially when you are in an emergency or visiting your doctor. Many times inaccurate or wrong medical decisions are made by physicians because of the correct medical information is not available. Many times laboratory and radiologic test are repeated because previous and older tests are not available, which exposes the patient to unwanted risks and morbidity.


Your health records cannot be easily maintained in an organized and accessible way using traditional means. Health Records Pro (HRP) is a centralized web-based system that manages all your health records in one place; accessible anywhere anytime. HRP offers three platforms: HRP web system, HRP mobile app, HRP emergency card and HRP Emergency contact. You can choose to use one or all platforms that are integrated to keep all your records up to date. HRP has been developed to help you centralize all your health records and manage them closely. 


HRP has endless uses from records needed by doctors during visits, to important medical information needed in cases of emergency, etc… HRP has been customized to meet all your needs, so not only does it keep your medical records safe and accessible all times, it allows you to manage and monitor records of family members if given permission by the user. You can monitor their charts (blood pressure, sugar level, etc…), medications, appointments, etc… HRP permits to store images, videos, lab studies, prescriptions and reports in their respective files and folders.