Family Accounts


Health Record Pro is a web based system that allows you to centralize all your health records in one place, and access them remotely from anywhere anytime. Health Records Pro has been developed to fit all your needs. Your health records will remain safe and confidential and they are only accessible by you through credentials.

Having good medical records for each family member could literally save their lives. Although your health care providers keep patient charts with medical information, it is important to have your own comprehensive medical file that can be referred to quickly in an emergency. It’s also very useful to have while traveling, at doctor visits or when you need to find health related information for sports, camp and other activities. Having your own records also helps you take a more active role in your health care.

Everybody Needs One

Each person in your family needs their own medical file. Using our system you can easily open an account for your children, your elderly parents… and manage all their information.

What Information Goes In The Medical File?

Essential medical information should be carried with you at all times. Your files can be accessed through the mobile application or through the web system. You can also order your emergency card from our website, it can save your lives!

The system includes the following sections:

User Profile